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Digital Dating Abuse

Are you aware of digital dating abuse? One of the more popular topics under digital dating abuse is “sexting” or sending explicit photos or messages electronically. There is also cyber-stalking (being stalked electronically) and cyber-bullying (posting damaging messages online). Your cell phone, IM, and social networks are all a digital extension of who you are. … Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday


Believers often struggle with shame and guilt over things that have happened in the past. Some may be things that happened prior to accepting Christ as their personal Savior.  Other things may have happened since then to cause them to question their salvation. Though we may have to bear the consequences of our actions, once … Continue reading


…in THIS economy?

Some people say they can’t succeed IN THIS ECONOMY. Others say the time is not right to start a new business IN THIS ECONOMY. Are we as believers subject to accepting as true the media reports or political jargon? Is the economy really bad? Or is there something very flawed about our belief system? In … Continue reading