Parent Talk

Mommy Confession Time

  It’s been quite a while since I posted a Mommy Confession.  With today’s post, I just want to encourage other parents who may be experiencing something similar to what I am going through.  I have two “adult children” (actually “college kids”, but it’s just semantics, right?).  While I am certain that my husband and … Continue reading

My Reviews

The Shack

  This book was first suggested to me a few years ago.  Perhaps it was timing or the busyness of life, but I finally got around to reading it this month. I had no idea what a treasure this book was, is and will continue to be.  It is life-changing for all the right reasons. … Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday

REBOOT Conference 2011

System reboots have become a part of life.  Once an upgrade has been received, you need to reboot the system in order for those upgrades to take effect. What upgrades are inside of you awaiting a reboot? How many times has someone spoken something over your life that you have “received” but it has yet … Continue reading