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Stuck in a rut: The spiritual significance of winter


In today’s post, Dr. De’Andrea Wiggins explores the spiritual and physical characteristics of being stuck in a rut.

As I drove down a residential street in the city of Detroit, I couldn’t help but notice the defined groove that had been carved out by the cars which had driven the same snowy route many times before. The icy path allowed drivers the opportunity to remain on the well-trodden road to avoid any unexpected occurrences that often plague the winter driving experience. The problem with traveling the same route as others is when it comes to making a turn. As I approached the street that I needed to turn, it was increasingly difficult to rise out of the rut that others had created in order to make the necessary adjustment to maneuver my vehicle in a different direction.

There has been record snowfall in the state of Michigan this winter, which in turn has built up layers upon layers of ice and snow. This creates deep grooves as cars maintain the status quo daring not to drive anywhere other than the path laid before them. I began to think on how easy it is to follow the path that others have laid out; diverging from that path can be treacherous, if not deadly. The same is true of our spiritual life. The path well-traveled may seem easiest; however, when you are called to move in a different direction, it can cause a spinout, collision with another, or being stuck with no one to rescue you.

The winter season is the time of preparation. It may appear cold and dreary, but beneath the surface, there are some seeds that are ready to spring forth. Do not get discouraged when you find that you are on a different path. The snow and ice will melt and fade away just like your distractions and those who would seek your fall. Keep moving ahead, spring is on its way!

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