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Read an eBook Week: March 1-7

Have you read the novels by D. C. Wiggins? If not, you can pick up the eBooks this week only for FREE. Keep reading to find out how.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that one of the things I love is to write. I officially became a published author in 2013 with my debut novel, Their Darkest Hour, a story of hope in spite of intimate partner violence. My sophomore novel, Almost Doesn’t Count, is a story of inspiration – overcoming your circumstances with a little help from those who love you. You’ll notice the theme of overcoming, hope, and inspiration in both. Both short novels are conversation starters and great for book clubs, youth groups, or a quiet evening of enjoyable reading.

This week only in support of “Read an eBook Week”, both Their Darkest Hour and Almost Doesn’t Count are FREE on Smashwords with the code RW100. You’ll have to hurry because they go back to their regular price at the stroke of midnight on March 7, 2015. Grab a FREE copy for yourself, then tell a friend. Share that you just bought the book on your social media accounts, like it, tag it, and share the link.

Once you’ve read one or both books, please leave a review. Reviews help authors to know what the readers think and feel, but it’s also encouragement to keep writing. Enjoy!

Almost Doesn't Count, a short novel, by D. C. Wiggins

Almost Doesn’t Count, a short novel by D. C. Wiggins

Their Darkest Hour by D. C. Wiggins

Their Darkest Hour, a short novel by D. C. Wiggins


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