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Write What You Want to Read

In today’s post, Dr. Matthews shares a common question posed to her as a book coach, and her response!

As a book coach, there are typically two types of people I encounter – those who have a book idea already which needs developing, and those who want to write a book and have no idea what to write about. This post focuses on the latter of the two.


My advice to them is simple – write what you want to read! The simple response is just a starting point though. As you dig deeper into writing what you want to read, here are some specific questions that you should begin to ask yourself:

  1. What am I passionate about? What area do I have some expertise or knowledge to share? You don’t have to be an expert to share expert knowledge. Give others what has been given to you in a relate-able way that’s easy to understand.
  2. Who is my target audience? What is their primary concern? What problem do they have that needs a solution? How can I provide that solution?
  3. Would I read what I want to write about? If you aren’t interested in reading it yourself, chances are it will not impact your target audience.

As you develop your personal writing strategy, keep these points in mind to develop great content that others will enjoy.

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