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The Masks We Wear

In today’s post, Dr. De’Andrea Matthews is transparent about the masks she has worn with regards to her personal and professional life.

When I first returned to the professional area, after a short time off as a full-time mom, my career and my personal life remained very separate. I had learned to compartmentalize so that neither spilled over into the other. It wasn’t until I was asked to draft a CV that I had to make a choice with whether to keep those identities separate or to combine them and allow the comprehensive picture of who I am emerge.

That decision was hard for me. I was quite accomplished, according to man’s standards, with having completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Theology and a Doctorate in Religious Education. I had embraced my love of teaching, which also meant holding regular Bible Study classes and ultimately creating courses for others to lead. On the opposite hand, though I was growing professionally in a career that I loved at a local university, most of my leadership had been in church. I decided to merge these two images. It was the best decision that I could have made.

There are people in this life who will never accept you, regardless of what you have to offer. In this process, I learned to accept myself. As a result, I developed a “tagline” for my

overcomer cloud

Becoming the best YOU!

new image: helping you grow spiritually and excel professionally. It was a lovely phrase that encapsulated me emerging from my cocoon as a beautiful butterfly. This phrase gave expression to what I personally experienced, thus allowing me to assist someone else.

If you have ever had to wear multiple masks, or felt like you were a different person in different settings, I would love to read your comment below. Feel free to subscribe so that you can learn more on becoming the best YOU.




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