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You don’t have to be perfect…

In today’s blog post, Dr. Matthews reveals the burden of perfectionism and its relationship to self-sabotage.

Perfectionism. Seems like such a great word. Seems like something to aspire to. Seems so harmless, unless you know it intimately. I am a recovering perfectionist. As a child, it was instilled in me. Get the best grades. Keep the house clean. Never let them see you sweat. These were all words and phrases to inspire, but somehow the message became skewed.

Perfectionism, as harmless as it seems, hints at a sense of inferiority – never feeling good enough – or always having to prove yourself. As a new creation in Christ, I’ve learned that in spite of what the world tells me, I am exactly who God designed me to be. I am significant in Christ, the One who owns the whole world, but is still concerned with me. I am accepted in Christ. He accepts me as I am, yet holds my hand as He shows me His expectation, which is far greater than what I could dream.

Learning these things is crucial. It gives you permission to rest. It lets you know that you are not responsible for fixing everything you see that is broken. It allows you to experience joy, which is internal, not like happiness, which is based on happenings. I cannot “make” others happy, but I can take time for me knowing that every minute is not to tackle another task. Make mistakes, grow from them, and make better choices. Replenish, refresh, and be remarkable in your own way. You do not have to be perfect.


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