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Get it written, then get it right: Part Two

In today’s post, Dr. Matthews provides an update to a previous post encouraging writers to “just write”.

Back in 2015, I did a post called “Get it written, then get it right“. This post will expound on that just a little bit as an update. Since my initial post, I’ve started book coaching and I’ve launched my own publishing company. It’s important for me to follow up since that post was from the perspective of an author only. As a book coach and entrepreneur, I need to reiterate to anyone working on their manuscript that you should not worry about how it sounds, what tense you’re writing in, or if it’s in chronological order.

Many first-time authors get caught up in these technical aspects; however, they are road blocks to actually completing the manuscript itself. The  most important thing to remember is to just write. Write it down as it comes to you. Write it down as you have inspiration. Write, write, write. Once your literary work is written, you can go back and proofread it yourself. Feel free to rearrange chapters and sections to make it flow better and make sense to the reader. Add more information to clarify understanding, but then it is time to go for professional editing. This part of the process will take care of tense changes and other grammatical errors.

You may be wondering if the process gets any easier. While it is never easy, it does become more rewarding, especially once the final manuscript is done and you’re holding your very own work of art.

Until next time…

Dr. De’Andrea Matthews


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