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Have a story to tell?

In today's post, Dr. Matthews shares a behind the scenes conversation with her newest published author.

My newest coaching client turned published author is none other than my husband, Brian A. Matthews. While it may seem easy since we live in the same household, I assure you that family can be the most difficult to work with. He knew he had a story to tell…one that would definitely be the testimony that someone needed to hear. He just hadn't convinced himself that he was a writer. As his book coach, I already saw his new season on the horizon, but he needed to see it for his spark to be lit.

Brian had written less than 10 pages trying to do this on his own. Knowing that most men are visual, I gave him something to inspire him to keep pushing – his book cover. Once he had a photo of his book cover in hand, Brian was able to complete his manuscript in less than 90 days. He went from unsure if he could, to penning his final word and calling to say "it's done".

There are varying opinions on when to produce the book cover; however, I'm a firm believer that it keeps writers focused when they really don't have the energy. It also is key to building your author platform and momentum leading up to the release date. Do you have a story to tell? Please share in the comments where you are in the process so I can offer tips to move you toward becoming a published author.

If you'd like to order a copy of Brian's book, you can find "I stopped smoking weed and cigarettes: Now What?!" On Amazon and other online retailers.

Until next time,

Dr. De'Andrea Matthews


2 thoughts on “Have a story to tell?

    • I’m glad you know what you want to write. Great start. I will contact you directly regarding next steps.

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