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What my book isn’t about

Dr. Matthews continues the #motownwriters blogging challenge this week with today’s post on what her book isn’t about.

My book isn’t about erotica…although you can learn about overcoming soul ties and canceling “sexual contracts”.

My book isn’t about horror…although you can learn about overcoming fear.

My book isn’t about violence…although you can learn how I am dealing with anger in a healthier way.

My book isn’t about history…although you can learn how your past influences your choices today.

My book isn’t about politics. My book isn’t about science fiction. My book isn’t about cooking or a plethora of other genres and topics found in today’s literary works.

My book is The Surrendered Soul: Aligning The Five Parts of Your Soul With the Will of God”. You can follow this blog for excerpts and book launch information in the coming months.

More information can be found at for other books by Dr. Matthews and about her company, Claire Aldin Publications, LLC.


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